Sneaker Pimps Miami

The Sneaker Pimps show this past Saturday was dope! The event was held at Grand Central and sponsored by Coors Light. With a performance by Scrilla and Killa Cam. The event felt more like a private concert then it did a Sneaker Show, but I am not complaining, like I said, it was DOPE!

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The homies at 004 Connec are getting ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! Come celebrate with them Oct 4th at their flag ship store located at 2404 N Miami Ave. There will be live painting by some of Miami’s Top Crews Jam starts at 12pm. Music by Dj Epps, Jimbo Slice, 911, Crunchtime and […]

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The Air Max 93

I remember back in 1993 when I got me a pair of Air Max 270. Now known as the Air Max 93. Boyyyyy I was styling the next day at school. Until P.E when we had to run laps around the field and my clumsy ass tripped and scuffed them up, yup first day! Summama […]

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Dade Native: 2Searock

This is a new weekly feature I will be doing to showcase and spotlight the work of some of my fellow homies, and local’s that I feel deserved some credit. First up, 2searock! This dude is not only a very talented illustrator and graphic artist. The man also has one of the nicest handstyles in […]

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I recently came across this artist YT TRIZ out of Orlando Fl. The homie has some serious flow, and from the few tracks ive heard I can guarantee you he will be blowing up your radio real soon.

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I remember the first time I walked in to Animal Farm and the first time I ever saw a Pervert t-shirt! Its been my inspiration ever since. This brand paved the way for most of your favorite street wear / skate brands. But best of all, they where from our home town! #salutetheOG’s How Can […]

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WSHH Presents “The Feild”

WSHH ( World Star Hip Hop) Released the second installment of “The Field”. In this series we visit Miami for a look at the city beyond it’s beautiful beaches and night life. Here’s a raw look at the streets and Hip Hop scene of Miami through the eyes of the local artists.

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