WSHH Presents “The Feild”

WSHH ( World Star Hip Hop) Released the second installment of "The Field". In this series we visit Miami for a look at the city beyond it's beautiful beaches and night life. Here's a raw look at the streets and Hip Hop scene of Miami through the eyes of the local artists. I agree that most tourist get the wrong impression of Miami by only visiting South Beach, and that most local's feel that South Beach is not what "Miami" is all about. I was born and raised here in Miami and have lived in a few different areas ( Cutler Ridge, Kendall, South Miami, North Miami, Westchester, and South Beach) and I can tell you this, every section of Miami from the sands of Miami Beach to the swamps of the Everglades has its own set or rules to play by. If you really want to experience this city for what it is, you need to visit all corners of Miami and take in the culture from every stop you make.