I remember the first time I walked in to Animal Farm and the first time I ever saw a Pervert t-shirt! Its been my inspiration ever since. This brand paved the way for most of your favorite street wear / skate brands. But best of all, they where from our home town! #salutetheOG's How Can I Be Down (Extended Trailer.) from Louis L on Vimeo. ‘How Can I Be Down’ is a documentary I worked on between 2004 and 2007. Unfortunately through lack of funds I was never able to complete the project and it's lay in limbo ever since. HCIBD tells the story of Don Busweiler – founder of Streetwear clothing company ‘Pervert.’ In June 1995, just as his company was on the verge of major success, Don gave away everything he owned and joined (what was then) a mysterious religious cult - The Brethren or The Brothers and Sisters. Although there has been a documentary on ‘The Brethren’, my idea focuses largely on the unique sub culture which Don and his clothing label ‘Pervert’ were apart of. A culture which greatly influenced me and shaped the way I look at the world. Like Punk it was DIY, but instead of being singular – STREETWEAR looked to sample (as with HipHop) anything cool in order to create something new. Streetwear was an outward reflection of a lifestyle - a movement - a message.... With youth cultures - being ‘cults’ in their own way – it was clear that interesting parallels could be drawn. I did eventually find Don - he would not appear on camera; but there is an audio recording of our conversation. He still lives The Brethren way of life.