I recently came across this artist YT TRIZ out of Orlando Fl. The homie has some serious flow, and from the few tracks ive heard I can guarantee you he will be blowing up your radio real soon. "YT Triz got his big break when he met Big Chuck at Poe Boy’s studio in early 2013; He didn’t know at the time, but Big Chuck saw something in him. Later that year YT Triz got a call from E- Class PBMG Ceo saying “Come down and get in the studio.” It’s been history ever since." (read his full bio HERE ) Here are two of my favorite videos he currently has out! YT Triz is gearing up for his official mixtape release for Tales From Crime Hill hosted by Bigga Rankin & DJ Smokey Bear. make sure you peep his site HERE to stay up to date with his work.