Russians Daredevils Hack a Billboard

I have often driven down I-95 and wondered how hard and cool would it be to Hi-Jack one of those digital billboards! Well these crazy dudes from Russia did just that, only the billboard is n Russia and on top of one of its largest sky scrappers. "Talk about a visible spot. This massive electronic billboard is on top of the China Online Center, one of the downtown Hong Kong's tallest buildings, so you know that when Russian duo "On the Roofs" hijacked it you know people noticed. The behind the scenes video follows the daredevils as they make their way to the skyscrapers's roof to capture some incredible shots. in addition to GoPros the crew employs a drone to fly around the top of the skyscraper as they take it all. Before heading back down, the group hacks into the billboards display to broadcast their own message, "What's up Hong Kong", as well as clips from their vertigo inducing video from Shanghai. Watch them both and try not to get too dizzy." (via ) whats-up-hong-kong-rooftopping-video-by-on-the-roofs-298x191