10 questions with Garcia

I recently had a chance to catch up with a long time homie and supporter of the D.A.D.E. movement Mr. Garcia who is also a part of Crazy Hood Productions. Ive been a fan of his work and the Crazy Hood movement for a long time now. If your not familiar with Garcia or C.H.P your def going to want to get familiar. Garcia is well know as an emcee that has been holding it down for the crib for well over a decade now, but there’s more to this dude then just bars… 10953392_854469514595848_1454597830_n 1. Growing up in Miami what where some of your early influences that made a change in your life? Well for starters growing up here is different than anywhere else in this country. I know because I have traveled most of it. I grew up in a time when hip hop wasn’t even on the radio down here. We had to catch everything through pirate radio or once a week on Yo MTV raps. So when I started rapping it was kind of viewed as a dead end career. The only thing similar to it at the time was Bass, and though like any Miami native I was into it, it was hip hop that really called me. I remember the first album I ever got on tape was Public Enemy “Fear Of  Black Planet”. It really changed my life. I wrote my first rhyme the next day. But it wasn’t until I bought The Last Straws and Mother Superior’s album in a store that I realized you could really release music from out here. It had a big impact on me. That’s when I started saving every penny I could at a young age for studio time. I did things like saving the three dollars a day  I had for lunch money and not eating for a whole school year just to record one song. It was kind of crazy when you think about it but I knew what I wanted and went for it. 2. Aside from Music and Video Production do you have any other creative outlets, or interest? Not really. Honestly film and music were always my biggest passions. There was just something about the way it made me feel, not to mention the way I saw it make others feel. That’s all I have ever wanted to do: impact the human emotion with my films and music.  I wanted to make people laugh and cry through my work, as well force society to look at itself. I knew this at a very young age. I remember my mother one day when I was five years old, skipped work and kept me home from school to watch the premiere of Michael Jacksons thriller video. The look on her face, the joy it brought her, it was very impactful. Not to mention the video itself was a mini feature film. The production value it had was second to none (my hats off to John Landis). I was may have only been five years old, but I knew right there that I wanted to make people feel the way me and my mom felt that day. 3. Tell us a bit about your history with Crazy Hood Productions. Shit where do I start? I remember knocking on Weird Thoughts’s door when I was 16 years old  at 7 am trying to shop him my demo. My friend Luis at the time lived by him and pointed his door out so I said fuck it and cold knocked on it. Knocking on a 19 year old guys door at 7am on a Saturday was probably a bad decision haha (sorry thoughts!). Anyway two years later when I graduated I took a graveyard shift at Kinko's just to be left alone and steal paper to make cassette covers. By coincidence DJ EFN used to print his mix tapes covers there as well. My co worker James set up a meeting after passing my tape to him. Keep in mind my music was pretty ruff (actually it sucked) but my presentation was on point. But the fact that I was making such an effort got me a meeting. That day he took a shot on me. Nobody was making any money yet but he saw that as a unit I might be a good fit. He had to clear it with the crew (something not easy to do) and I got in. I had to pay major dues though don’t get it twisted but I earned my stripes.  10995002_1381214572197016_711839907_n 4. When did you decide to take up Film Production, and what was the reason? Around the same time I printed my first cassette single I made my first short film (16 years old). I then started experimenting with making music videos. I figured no one would make me a video so I had to learn it to do it myself. Everything back then was shooting on VHS and my high school has a pretty decent platform to learn how to edit so I gave it a shot. People think I direct now like it is new to me but it’s not. It was just that early on my music got me more attention so film took a back seat to it. But I also knew where I was gonna go. 5. Out of all the tracks you have made and been featured on, which was the most challenging for you? ( My personal favorite is the track Deeper off your Shattered Dreams Album) Shattered Dreams which is also the title track to the album. I recorded it on a shitty mic one day with Big Drain. That to me was still the best recording performance wise, but the perfectionist in me was never happy with the quality of the mic. So me and Drain literally re-recorded it  7 times trying to get the same pain out of me. But the fact is, when I demo’d the idea on the bad mic I was going through some real struggle in my life and I could never truly replicate it. If anyone knows this record you know there is pain in my voice but on the original recording I was on the verge of tears. Then we said screw the quality lets just release it as is and the hard drive it was on failed! So we had to settle on the best of the seven retakes. I love the way it was released but I think Drain and EFN both agree the original was the best. 6. I notice your IG bio you state your a "Collector of cool shit" What are some cool shit you have collected, and whats your prize possession? HAHA! Well I am an big cassette collector. I have over 500 cassettes of golden era hip hop. I also own around 200 comics, Basket Ball Cards, and Vinyl. I’m kind of a hoarder for vintage 90’s pop culture in general. But I must say, as many people who think I got dope shit on cassette EFN’s Vinyl collection is really something to see! My prized collection items is probably an Amazing Spider man #16 signed by Stan Lee, My Guns N Roses “Appetite for Destruction” banned in the US rape depiction cover on wax, a Portishead test press of Dummy, and my original press Beatles Vinyl collection. Oh yeah not mention my whole hip hop cassette collection. Check my ig as I get bored and post pics of these online from time to time…@garciasworld tapes 7. You recently embarked on a journey with Crazy Hood Film Academy to document hip hop culture in places such as Cuba and Haiti  called "Coming Home". Can you tell us a little about your experience and what you learned in the process? Coming Home is the brainchild of Dj EFN. I am honored to direct them and bring his vision to life but it was really his idea. Basically each trip we try and bring some take someone back to their cultural roots and discover how hip hop as affected their home countries. Cuba focused on me and EFN and was the launching pad of the series. It was amazing visiting a place that for years my family warned me not to go to. I can’t lie I was kind of nervous. These trips have taught me that most of the negative things you hear about places are spoken purely out of ignorance. It also gave me a new appreciation on being an American citizen. We recently just finished Peru, and Haiti is in post production. All three installments will be available on RevoltTV and Coming Home Cuba is airing. It’s really an amazing thing when you get to do what you love and travel the world with your friends because it. CHECK THE TRAILER HERE:  8. You recently just completed a short film called Avaricious can you tell us about it? Avaricious was short film I had written in college that I revamped now. It centers around a man who is completely down on his luck, and how one act of desperation really impact his life. It premiered at the Key West International Film Festival where it took home “Best Florida Short”. It’s next stop will be the Cannes Short Film Corner in France. Just having a film in Cannes is surreal to me. I learned a lot about directing actors on this project, and as always with every project I learned a lot about myself. Shout out to Jokes…He was there every step of the way with me on this one. Look for it’s release after Cannes in May. CHECK THE TRAILER HERE:  9. Name your all time favorite album? 1.Guns N Roses: Appetite for Destruction 2.Dr. Dre: The Chronic 3.Michael Jackson : Off The Wall 4.Nas: Illmatic 5.Portishead: Live At Roseland Theatre 10. Whats next for Garcia? I don’t really like to talk about these things until I am ready to pull the trigger, but if you know me you should know that I have a few tricks up my sleeve. 11. Shout outs? Shouts to DADEWEAR and anyone supporting the CHP Movement. Stay tuned!!