Dutch Masters #LegendTakesTime

dutch_cover_2 A few months ago Dutch Masters reached out to me, and three other local Miami creatives in regards to featuring D.A.D.E. in their #LegendTakesTime project. I myself being a huge Dutch Masters fan 😉 agreed to be interviewed. The project's video was shot by Jason Goldwatch ( peep some of his work out here) and photographed by 13th Witness ( peep some of his work out here ) Both dudes are masters of their crafts and real cool dudes, so I didn't hesitate to jump on board. Press play and peep the outcome below

BURN_SLOW_MIAMI_0126_720p from DADEFAMILIA on Vimeo.

Shout out to Juice of Headz Up, Lyfe Brand, Rebul Brand, Mikaal and the rest of the crew that was involved.